The pricing for their event consists of 2 segments:


Since we start planning your event or wedding on a blank sheet of paper and let our creativity run wild, I cannot give a price range at this time. Because your event will cost as much as you want and as much as it will take to realize your wishes for the realization of your dream event. 

It always depends on what you imagine and desire. The number of guests is as relevant as the choice of location, the type of entertainment and the event design.

If you would like a guideline price at this point, we range between 1800 - 5000 CHF / USD per person. With this cost, we have a solid foundation to create the dream world for them and take care of the lovely details that will make the day an unforgettable experience. 

If you would like to work with a specific budget, that is of course also possible. 

In any case, we will always keep track of the costs with a detailed budget plan. Because your event is an investment for you and I will take care of the best value for money as if it were my own event. 


To meet my demand for the highest possible level of service, I only work with a handful of select clients each year. You have the privilege of having personal contact only with me. You call? I will answer. Because our personal connection is the cornerstone of successful cooperation.


We spend every one of the important moments together that influence decisions: we go to see the location together, we will put the caterer through his paces at the tasting, we meet artists to make the choice of entertainment - whatever is necessary, we will experience together.


The cost of my support & planning is formed by a preparation fee for the time from the 1st day of our cooperation until the completion of the planning. In addition, there is a management fee for the implementation of the event on site. 

The costs for this depend on the total event budget and vary between 15 - 20% of the total cost of your event. 

Not included are travel expenses, costs for staff & external technicians / craftsmen / suppliers. I reserve the right to charge a minimum fee. 



Many people have inhibitions about talking about money. But for us to work together, this is one of the most important qualities so that we can create unambiguous transparency. 

I don't want to know what they earn or how high their assets are, but I do want to accompany them transparently from the start and have no inhibitions about even sensitive topics.

In order for you to make a decision on whether to go the distance with me, I offer that we prepare and discuss a ballpark figure. This will give you an important basis for deciding where to go.

The cost to be paid in advance for this initial meeting is 1000 CHF / USD (* plus possible travel expenses for appointments abroad, if you wish me to come to you - wherever in the world is best for you) and will be credited back to you if you place an order. 

This fee also reserves you one of the coveted appointments available per year.

Are you ready to walk the path together? 

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 



Thank you - we will contact you shortly.