When we work together, the first thing you need to know about me is that I not only love my work, I live and breathe it in every second of my being. No blood flows through my veins, but the purest form of creativity, professionalism and the highest level of service.

We meet at eye level and do not have a normal customer - service provider relationship. Because our lives will be linked from now on. We spend a lot of time together, be it live or through digital communication channels. 

I will tell your unique story. What were the milestones in the past that bring us together today? Where will our journey go from here? What makes your character and lifestyle so unique? We will get to know each other on a wonderful, trusting base with such intensity that I dare say we will grow a friendship. Because only if I really experience and understand you and your life, I can meet your expectations as an event planner. Whether this is for a wedding, or in the B2B industry. 

Through your ideas and my creativity we will create a completely new world for your event. We want to create an experience for the guests that stimulates all senses equally. They should experience the day, feel, smell, taste and above all: see. To ensure that the day remains a lasting memory, it is important to consider the point of view of everyone attending. Where will who be walking along, what will they see, feel? What are yours and their needs? Every detail, no matter how small, will not be left unnoticed.

Together with the most exquisite partners, we breathe its own soul into your event. We are not afraid to break new ground. 

Are you ready for a first-class experience?


This video is one of many stunning, incredible and breathtaking results of the styled wedding shooting in May 2021. Shout out to the amazing team:
- Wedding Planner I @nadjamarzetti  
- Wedding Fine Art Photographer I @jeremy_schmit
- Makeup & Hair I @creative.beaute
- Male Model I @davidantoineofficiel
- Female Model I @virgie_68
- Wedding Dress I @julie_fabrici
- Men Costum I @vetements.fellmann
- Flowers I @Blumengefluester_deitingen
- Candles I @carpe_home
- Wedding Fournitures I @clauday_evenement
- Cake Design I @backkunst_basel
- Weddingstationery I @geistreichkalligrafie
- Videomaker I @tttstyle
- Drone Footage I @le_tsuyoshi
- Car Rental I @my_classic_automobile

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This video has been created out of a variety of breathtaking client's events. Credits to:
- Wedding Planner I @nadjamarzetti  
- Videomaker I @lsbehindthecamera

- Videomaker I @visioninspiresweddings

- Videomaker & Cut I Nadja Brotschi

- Location I @castello.casiglio

- Location I Von Rütte Gut

- Photography I @Bildschmiede

- Photography I @visioninspireswedding

- Floral Design I 

- Floral Design I @cicerigarden 

- Cake I @lindasartsolothurn 

#nadjamarzetti #wedding #luxurywedding #luxuryweddings #swissfineartweddings #fineartphotography #fineartwedding #luxuryevent #luxurylifestyle #switzerland #switzerlandwedding #europeanwedding #design #interiordesign #communication #signatureevents #nyc #newyork #deluxe #glamour